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Eric Greenwood




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Eric Greenwood serves as President of Voyager Real Estate, focusing his efforts on Managing all aspects of the financial, strategic, and tactical decisions of the business. He is the backbone of the company!

In the current real estate industry, businesses are constantly changing their values, culture, and philosophies. Eric’s vision is to build a real estate company where those principles remain constant. The function of those principles will be dynamic on the ever-changing times, but the principles will remain the same. “Living the values and knowing the philosophy of each part of the company align us all in a common direction, promote efficiency, and avoid the chaos that comes from poor communication. I want to build a real estate company with agents that are ethical, motivated, and client driven. I want the team to be comprised of agents that are thinking about long term relationships with their clients and not the quick close. I want agents that go the extra step to make sure that they are representing their clients as best as they can. With a team of agents like that the company will build itself. My job is to provide a platform, environment, and direction that allows for the agents to thrive.”

An engineer by trade, Eric spent much of his early career in high-tech, leading various IT teams, managing complex phases of diverse technology projects in Information Technology. He has owned (and sold) several small businesses over the years, knows how to code and do web design, has dabbled in the construction industry, flown small planes as a pilot and is even a certified scuba diver. He is a genuine renaissance man!

Graduating from Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Management and continuing his education to become a certified Systems Engineer and PMP, Eric gifts the team with his vast experiences that has allowed Voyager to a launch to a new level of awesomeness, implementing strategies for marketing, technology, business development, training and education, growth, and overall success.

When Eric is not sitting behind his desk managing the operations, his passion is taking short, solo trips on his motorbike to remote camping destinations to observe wildlife and to find the perfect dark sky for stargazing. He is an avid nature photographer, and his gorgeous art can be seen adorning the walls of the Voyager-Willow Glen office. Eric lives with his wife and business partner Sara Greenwood, their bright and creative daughter, along with their two pets, a Parti Poodle and Maine Coon cat.

Eric Greenwood
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