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Tim Emory





Introducing Tim Emory, a passionate and dedicated real estate professional with a flair for forging genuine connections. A graduate of York College, Nebraska, Tim not only excelled in his academic pursuits, majoring in sports management, but he also showcased his tenacity and team spirit on the baseball diamond as a proud player for York.

It’s Tim’s personable and outgoing nature that sets him apart in the competitive world of real estate. Those who've had the pleasure of working with him often describe him as not just their agent, but a friend. Always armed with a smile and a joke, Tim's unique blend of humor ensures that every interaction is lighthearted and memorable.

Outside of his professional realm, Tim is a fervent dog lover. You can often spot him walking or playing fetch with his adorable golden retriever puppy, Murphy, in local parks. Just like his commitment to his furry friend, Tim offers unwavering dedication to his clients, ensuring their property dreams are realized.

Tim Emory
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